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Born in Hokkaido, the most northerly prefecture in Japan, I have been aware that changing seasons and light in nature influence how things look.

I was living in Sweden in recent 7 years and have worked with lighting design profession. Its climate is rather similar to my birthplace Hokkaido, but there is a huge difference in natural light. In the country which has dramatical changes in daylight duration from summer to winter, I realized that the natural light significantly affects our lives, feelings and even our aesthetic senses. People there understand the importance of light intuitively. Warm lighting is essential during dark and cold wintertime.


My aim is to contribute to people’s daily lives by improving the quality of life through warm comforting lighting, based in this area in Northern Japan with identity and inspiration from northern natural light and landscape. And furthermore, while based locally, to contribute to other areas of Japan and eventually beyond national borders.


@2017 by Kaori Endo | Lighting Design |

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White birches